Wellness is the most important and basical factor for the players of Civile World. It is a 0-to-100-number numerical factor, what means that 100 is the highest level of Wellness (and, by consequence, the highest level of production).

When the citizen's wellness level reaches 0, the citizen will die. If your citizen dies, you can ressurect him, after logging on your account, pressing the "Ressurect Citizen" button.

Using WellnessEdit

Citizens use their wellness according to their daily tasks. The box bellow shows wellness usage:

Wellness Usage according to daily tasks
-1 to -5 points of Wellness (depends on the Company Quality Level)
-1 Wellness point


-10 Wellness point
-2 to +2 Wellness points (depends on Travel Tickets quality)
  • Note: Citizens cannot perform any action with their wellness level below 30 points.

No food at inventoryEdit

Citizens with no food in inventory loses 1 Wellness Point per day turned without units of food at their inventory. When Wellness level reaches 0, citizens will die.

Wellness RestoringEdit

Citizens can restore their wellness by two different manners:

Daily restoring: Turn of the dayEdit

Every day, at 00h00, citizens will consume 1 unit of food of the highest quality among it's units of food in their inventories to restore their wellness. Depending on house factor, the wellness restored can be higher.

Wellness Restoring Table
Food Quality
Wellness Restored House Quality Wellness Restored

1 Wellness Point

10 Wellness Points
2 Wellness Points
20 Wellness Points
3 Wellness Points
30 Wellness Points
4 Wellness Points
40 Wellness Points
5 Wellness Points
50 Wellness Points

Instant RestoringEdit

There are some ways to citizens restore their wellness instantly:

Presents - Depends on the quality of the presents. The maximum usage of gifts is 10 wellness points per day. Factor: 1 * quality of the present

Hospital - Depends on the qualityof the hospital. Hospitals can be used once a day, after fighting in a battle. Factor: 10 * hospital quality

Wellness Packs - Citizens that are willing to pay 2 CON can buy Wellness Packs, that restore 10 Wellness Points. Wellness Packs usage is limited to 15 packs per day.